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The delight of Eating Raita

In every region, you will find certain types of food that will give you a unique taste of flavor and a tasty experience. The popular Indian dish called Raita can bring such delight. So, what makes this dish exceptional? For starters, it is made out of yogurt. But Raita is also not your usual yogurt. Unlike other yogurts in western countries which are sweet and like an ice cream sundae, raita savory. This popular side dish can definitely be the center of attention. Here’s why.

The unique cooling sensation

If you are going to challenge yourself to eat hot or tangy delicacy, be sure to prepare Raita as this has a soothing taste and cooling effect that neutralizes the spicy flavors. You read that right. This became possible because of the yogurt. Only a few dishes can do this wonderful result, and Raita is probably the most delicious among them.

Raita is healthy

Your diet plan will not be a reason why you should not eat Raita. This dish is very healthy. Let start with the yogurt. It is rich in iodine, calcium, and phosphorous. Good quality yogurts also contain live bacterial culture that can help strengthen your immune system, maintain healthy digestion, and helps control body weight. The cucumber, which is usually added to Raita has vitamin C and has the ability to detoxify our body.
Yoghurt has a moisturising effect on your skin and it heals dry skin naturally. A lot of people suffer from acne due to certain gastrointestinal problems. Yoghurt helps in maintaining a happy and active gut which leads to healthy skin. It is an excellent beauty ingredient for face packs too, the lactic acid in yoghurt acts as an exfoliator and clears dead cells and blemishes.

There are a variety of choices

Raita, like other cuisines, is prepared in different ways. The regular raita is mixed with spice powder and favorite veggies and fruits. In North India, many prefer to spice it with Bhuna jeera and chaat masala. People in the southern part of the country have different ways of preparing Raita. They prefer to use tadka of mustard and curry leaves.