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About Sharma's Kitchen

The Sharma’s Kitchen story starts way back in 1998 when the Indian diaspora was growing rapidly in Australia. Along with growth in numbers came the need to look for products which delivered the taste they had grown up with. While Indian food by and large was not really a challenge, it was the famous Indian dairy products such as Yoghurt (Dahi) and Paneer which people missed the most.
Where most saw a challenge, one man saw an opportunity. Bipen Sharma, a successful restaurateur with a keen interest in food, decided to put all his resources and energies into developing Indian style dairy products which offered the same taste experience enjoyed by people from the Indian subcontinent now living in Australia.
The result was Sharma’s Kitchen – an undisputed leader today in the market selling Indian style Yoghurt, Paneer, Ghee, Drinks, Shrikhand, Khoya and a range of Sweets as well. But it was not an easy start.
Every product took months and months of trials along with sourcing of the right equipment to create the taste that would connect with the customers. In time. Sharma’s Kitchen became the first company to make Indian style yoghurt in Australia. We followed this up by introducing Sharma’s Kitchen Paneer which was instantly accepted by people from the subcontinent all over the country.
Today, Sharma’s Kitchen products can be found on the shelves of every Indian store all over Australia and in the kitchens of Indian Australians as well.
Sharma’s Kitchen follows the policy of continuous improvement, regularly investing in R&D to improve product quality. The rewards of this approach have been truly remarkable. Over the years, our products have won Gold & Silver medals in both state and national level competitions in Australia, competing with mainstream brands – the only Indian brand to achieve this feat consistently. The high point of our success came when two of our products were adjudged the ‘best of the best’ by two of the most prestigious organisations in the country.

Mango Lassi by Sharma’s Kitchen won the Grand Champion Award by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia – beating all other Gold Medal winning products in its category. This was followed by the Milk Badam winning the Champions Trophy by Royal Agricultural Society, once again scoring over the Gold Medal winners in its category.

The man behind such a successful brand isn’t done yet. Bipen Sharma and his team are busy creating and developing more new products to match the growing demands of the diaspora which has now comes to expect the best from Sharma’s Kitchen. Wtach this space for more.