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What really makes Indian cuisine special? Is it the freshly ground herbs and spices, centuries old recipes, traditional, slow methods of cooking? Probably all of these. But did you know that you can make dozens of delicious Indian dishes without being an expert? At Sharma’s Kitchen, we are delighted to share some quick and easy Indian recipes with you. Try them at home, you’ll love them!


“ Blend Paneer is Banned ”

Bipen Sharma thinks it is probably time to pay Bathers’ Pavilion chef Serge Dansereau a visit, and take along some award-winning paneer, the soft, crumbly cheese used in Indian cooking.

Sharma, a well-known Indian restaurateur in Melbourne and Sydney during the 1990s, will never forget Dansereau’s harsh, yet honest, opinion of paneer during a cheesemaking workshop many years ago. In a discussion about different global cheeses, Dansereau was unimpressed by paneer.

”Serge described it as very bland and that it tasted of nothing … which was accurate based on what he had sampled,” Sharma says.

When natural goodness becomes part of life
Sweet Surrender
Popular sweets such as Kaju Katli, Motichoor Ladoo, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa and a lot more. With such a delightful range, you don’t really need a special occasion to enjoy Sweets by Sharma’s Kitchen.
Purity & freshness
Sharma’s Kitchen Natural Pot Set Yoghurt, Paneer Shrikhand and Pure Ghee are part of a balanced diet for all. Packed with natural dairy goodness and made right here in Australia for matchless freshness.
Delicious Drinks
Sharma’s Kitchen range of milk drinks comes in range of great flavours such as Milk Badam, Mango Lassi, Khajoor Milk, Kesar Milk and Buffalo Elaichi Milk. The only problem is to choose one of them, but you can have two.